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Why North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc.?

We will tell you sincerely that it is not enough to be Evanston’s first dedicated rental agency. It’s true that we open in January, 1993. It is also true that we have found homes for thousands of our clients. But, our success is the by-product of the relationships we have built.

It is important to remember that Evanston is a small city, too small to be anonymous. It is not possible to build enduring relationships with the owners and managers of quality properties without living up to the strictest ethical codes and going well beyond what is considered by many to quality service. To be a part of Evanston’s business community means being on a first name basis with most, if not all of the people we represent. Not many of our competitors can make this claim. Not many play an integral role in the management of the buildings they represent. North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc. is an elite service dedicated to introducing prospective tenants to the best buildings in Evanston.

How do we work?

It’s simple really. If you see a building or buildings you are interested in on our web site, your first step is to contact us either by phone or by email. We will be glad to have an in depth conversation or correspondence with you in which we will share the information we have on the properties you are interested in. We can often provide our clients with photos, floor plans, rental policies, maintenance policies and a history of the building.

If you decide to see one or more apartments we will schedule a time to meet you. We are happy to have you come to our office but if it is easier for you, we are happy to meet you at the building of your choice. We know that not every apartment search can be completed in a single afternoon. We are happy to revisit your needs and continue to show you apartments with every confidence that the more you look, the better our apartments will look to you.

Our clients are our top priority.

Lastly, should you decide to apply for an apartment, we will work to make that easy too. Most applications and many of our leases can be completed via email. Of course, our doors are open and you are welcome to visit us in our office. We won’t make you wait. We treat each of our clients as though they were our first priority.

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