About Us

North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc. is a successful and well established leasing agency in Evanston. We are committed to delivering superior service to our prospective tenants and representing to them quality rental properties that they can comfortably call home.

We opened in January, 1994 as Evanston’s first dedicated rental agency. With over 20 years of experience we are expert in helping our clients find their new homes in an efficient, courteous and cost-free way. Our buildings are located in beautiful neighborhoods in north and downtown Evanston, near Northwestern Campus and in southeast Evanston.

We are a people first business.

To achieve our business objectives we rely on a strategy that is straight forward and successful.

  • Employ a team approach in the work place that allows our agents to participate in the success of the agency regardless of who inks the deal. That eliminates the internal competition that is characteristic of leasing agencies and ensures that each client or customer will receive the best possible attention and care regardless of who they are working with.
  • A focus on Integrity. North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc. proudly and actively promotes professional behavior and personal integrity in every aspect of our business operations. Only the highest ethical behavior will allow us to achieve our ambition of succeeding as a business and as a member of the Evanston community.
  • Develop lasting relationships with the real-estate & business community of Evanston. By providing our prospective tenants with excellent service we can be sure that we are providing our building owners/managers with consistent, high quality service as well.
  • Follow through & customer service. We do more than just rent apartments. We are an important part of the property management of our buildings. We are often the first call our clients make when they have a question or a maintenance issue.

We are proud of our success and excited by our potential. We anticipate continued, steady growth as we continue to deliver efficient, effective & professional service to our clients and our community.

Our Team

Eric Paset

A native of Highland Park, Illinois, Eric has been involved in leasing and property management since 1988. Starting as a leasing agent for The Apartment People in Chicago, Eric moved through the ranks to become a leasing manager, where he built a strong foundation in property management from the rental side. Building on this experience, Eric opened Evanston’s first rental agency, North Shore Apartment & Condos, Inc., in 1993. As one of Evanston’s real estate entrepreneurs, Eric has built strong relationships with local property managers and building owners. Eric is expert in his evaluation of buildings and maintenance, and has developed an instinct for creating value. In addition to his leasing expertise, Eric has many years of experience in managing condominium associations as well. Eric enjoys a reputation for enthusiasm and for exceeding the expectations of owners and tenants.

Andy Scott

Originally from New York, Andy graduated from the University of Denver with a B.S. in business administration in 1980. Andy was introduced to real estate in 1990 while at First National Bank of Chicago, where he was charged with servicing over $800 million in commercial mortgages for the bank’s Asset Securitization Division. Andy met Eric in the 1980’s, and agreed to become an original partner in North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc. in 1993. Over the course of 20 years, Andy has developed a strong bond with the Evanston community and has been successful in working with building owners to maximize their property value and manage their risk profiles. He is well versed in all aspects of property management, including leasing, maintenance, administration and accounting. Flawless execution and attention to detail with regard to administration and accounting and dedication to service and integrity are essential contributions Andy makes to North Shore Apartments & Condos, Inc.

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